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SECURITY SETTINGSIf you are experiencing an error message stating that the installer “can’t be opened because of an unidentified developer.”
This means that your security settings do not allow for files that are not downloaded from the Mac App Store.
To fix this, go to the Security & Privacy panel in System Preferences.
Check the “Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere” circle.
UNINSTALL PLUGIN?Go to this folder in your Mac Finder:
User > Movies > Motion Templates
Look inside the Effects, Titles, Transitions, and Generators folders.
Remove the folder for the effect that you wish to uninstall.
Restart Final Cut Pro X.
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS?An up-to-date version of Final Cut Pro X.
Mac OS X 10.6.8 or greater.
Mac Computer with a minimum of a Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB RAM, and 256MB VRAM.
RESEND PLUGIN?If you misplaced the installer file for your plugin or need it resent for whatever reason, contact us via Chat Support or
WHERE ARE YOU?Ran the installer, but can’t find your new plugin in FCPX? Make sure that you check all of the Final Cut libraries (effects, titles, transitions and generators).
FINAL CUT PRO 7?Because of the superior engine of Motion 5 that’s now part of Final Cut Pro X, our development efforts are focused on the future. We only support Final Cut Pro X. Welcome to the future.
SLOW PERFORMANCE?Proxy Media can dramatically improve the speed of your FCPX project, especially when using multiple drop zones. To enable this feature simply check “Create Proxy Media” in the Import preference pane.
DRAG ‘N CRASH?There is an ongoing effort to fix a FCPX bug causing a crash when loading content on a background thread. We’re waiting on Apple to fix this MEBackgroundLoadManager bug.
MORE QUESTIONS?If you have any questions, comments, or feedback that are not addressed in this FAQ section, you can contact us via Chat Support or
CRASH ON STARTUP?Final Cut Pro X render files can become corrupted, leading to crashes every time you launch FCPX. Try emptying your render files using File -> Delete Event Render Files…
There are many things that might cause FCPX to crash on startup. Corrupted cache? This? That? Here are tips on the most common reasons FCPX crashes.
More coming soon…
RED SCREENS?While often the result of missing media (e.g. deleted movie clips or effect plugins) this render error can sometimes be fixed by updating to the newest version of Final Cut Pro X.
GOT THE BLUES?A blue screen (and most other rendering errors) are often a sign of an outdated version of Final Cut Pro X. Simply updating to the newest version in the App Store will fix these issues.